The Arts

The intrinsic value of arts education is that it cultivates the whole student. In addition to advancing creative skills, arts education also encourages the development of essential attitudes, characteristics and intellectual abilities such as reasoning, creativity, dexterity, problem solving and teamwork. At Unionville College, we have an exemplary arts & drama programme that encompasses performing arts (drama and speech arts), music and visual arts. We teach that the arts have meaning beyond the aesthetic; they are relevant courses of study applicable in many aspects of life. Art is everywhere in life, and being able to understand and appreciate it adds to living life completely. More directly, the arts encompass a multitude of professions, and students can use what they learn at UC throughout their educational levels and make a valuable contribution to society.

Visual Arts

Inspired by the value of music and visual arts, it is our goal to not only enhance the artistic abilities of our students but also to develop an awareness and appreciation of various art forms. Visual arts allow students to unleash a wave of talent through different media including drawing, painting, printmaking, and mixed media in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats.

Music and visual arts programs at school
Music and visual arts programs at school

Dramatic Arts

When children are interested, they can be inspired to think creatively. By providing a stimulating programme, our students are captivated by the opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways and become passionate about taking pride in their work. Drama helps our students develop skills in creativity, public speaking and other areas such as confidence and teamwork.

Dramatic arts play a very important role at UC. Students focus on character development, stage presence, group work, script reading and memorization, costume design and the use and manipulation of sound and stage equipment. They learn to display confidence, dedication, and spontaneity as well as how to engage audience members. Students are given the opportunity to experience and to become involved in drama productions performed over the year, taking on cast or crew roles. Participating in these shows is energizing and enhances commitment from the students who love the experience of performing. Rehearsals are arranged after school and begin from October and continue through to May. Past productions have included: Matilda, The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Alice and Wonderland, The Lion King, and more!