February 01, 2022

Full STEAM Ahead

Full STEAM program

Behind the scenes at UC, our team of specialists has been working collaboratively with our grade-specific teachers to incorporate hands-on, exciting and productive learning curriculum. The result is fun, collaborative, creative and analytical thinking skill development and design work which allows our students to research, try and learn, while reflecting upon the same. These elements and connections of learning are essential in our teaching as we are preparing our students for 21st-century careers with technology, science, engineering, math, design and artistic elements through interdisciplinary learning.

Classrooms have been buzzing with cross-curricular STEAM activities in Technology. We are inspiring inquiry and curiosity to empower our students to move towards creativity and exploration, thereby applying their problem-solving skills to real-world solutions.

Our Primary Grade 1-3 classes have touched on Social and Emotional Learning, Physics, Electricity, Circuitry, Ecology, Music, Art, Math and coding. They participated in projects including Friction Spiders, Statics Ghosts, Spectroscopes, Homemade Harmonicas, Paper Circuits, Seed Paper, Information Privacy and Responsibility of Online Behavior, and Block-based Algorithmic Thinking.

Junior classes of Grade 4-5 students have touched on Social and Emotional Learning, Physics, Energy, Biodiversity, Math, Virtual Reality and coding. They participated in projects including Solar Ovens, Paper Catapult and Endangered Animal Biomes using CoSpaces. They are also being introduced to Text-based Coding and robotics.

Our Senior classes of Grades 6-8 students have touched on Social and Emotional Learning, Video Editing, Coding and Web Development. They have participated in projects including Digital Balance, Identity and Relationships, Video Public Service Announcements, Text-based Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS Coding and robotics.

Stay tuned for continued innovative STEAM learning throughout the second term.

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