February 01, 2022

UC Scores #1 in Canada and #9 in the World!

Number one UC Score in Canada

Unionville College is proud to announce a major achievement in the Codementum International Hour of Code competition which took place in December. This global contest takes place annually to encourage students to learn more about computer science and coding.

Out of 34,879 students from 1734 Schools, based in 98 countries, our Grade 2 class, 2D placed first in Canada and finished 9th in the world! Class 2D successfully completed over 20 coding challenges for their grade level and we are honoured to congratulate these students for being the Best Junior Coding class in Canada and landing in the Top Ten classes around the world.

We would like to offer a special congratulations to one of the students in 2D who received a PERFECT score in his coding challenge activities!

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