December 01, 2021

Health & Wellness Awareness Week

Health Education in schools

Our Prefects showed incredible leadership while sharing the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle for physical, emotional, and mental health awareness. Specific theme-related activities were coordinated/live-streamed for each day of the week in accord with health education in our school. Daily morning messaging was also shared to set the positive intention for the day.

MINDFUL MONDAY – Our Prefects led students through workshops on connecting with their quiet thoughts, meditation, relaxing the body, muscle relaxation, soft spa music/instrumental relaxation, and breathing videos to show students how to implement deep breathing as a strategy for calming themselves and relaxation.

TECH-FREE TUESDAY – Important messaging was shared among our community & a sense of awareness was created to help students find a healthy balance while using technology. Posters were on display around the school along with ongoing messaging to support this.

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY – All-encompassing wellness awareness messaging was shared through exercise activities, healthy eating tips, emotional and psychological and mental strategies and support.

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY – Our Prefects modeled how to show care, compassion, and consideration for others. This is a key aspect of daily school life. “UC stands for kindness.”

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY – A special featured live-streamed ‘Chair Yoga’ session took place, followed by the opportunity for students in all grades to show off their coolest ‘dance moves’.

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