A Foundation Built on Excellence

At UC, we pride ourselves in having one of the most enriched and STEAM focused Elementary schools in Markham. Our Elementary programme implements the Ontario Curriculum at an advanced level with low student/teacher ratios, small class sizes and highly-trained educators. The advanced curriculum means that students are learning a grade ahead in the subject areas of language, math, science and social studies.

In addition, UC offers enrichments through both our educational curriculum and our physical facilities. UC students enjoy guest lectures and stimulating field trips, and our teachers regularly plan individual and group-based activities that allow students to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom to the real world.

Our students have access to:

  • A fully-equipped science lab, technology studio and STEAM lab at each campus.
  • A state-of-the-art computer studies programme provided by a dedicated and qualified instructor in a modern computer lab with a ratio of 1 computer per student.
  • An automated library resource centre with an online research facility.
  • Advanced French language instruction.
  • After-school study period as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs.
  • An in-school tutoring programme personally provided by our teaching staff.
Elementary school programs in Markham
Elementary school programs in Markham

Our Academic Approach

The enriched Ontario Curriculum offered at UC is designed to create personalized learning experiences that permit the curriculum to fit the child. Our Elementary teachers continually differentiate curriculum within the classroom so that all students are challenged. Advanced students, who would benefit from additional enrichment, work with an enrichment teacher. A tutoring system is also in place whereby students who need extra support can work with our own teachers in any area they need extra assistance. All of our students are important; all of our students are given a learning plan to succeed.

Our advanced Elementary Programme encompasses all core academic areas: mathematics, language, arts, science, geography, and history. The curriculum meets and/or exceeds the criteria established by the Ontario Ministry of Education while emphasizing critical thinking, abstract learning, and creative problem-solving.

The programme delivery model is built upon the premise that learning how to learn is as relevant as what we learn. Our teachers also understand that differentiating the curriculum for each child’s needs is an effective and necessary practice. UC students are able to excel, regardless of their learning style.

The content of our elementary school curriculum and teaching strategies used are constantly monitored by independent, qualified staff.

Additionally, students from all grades annually participate in external assessments. This ongoing research and evaluation allows us to adjust our teaching methods to meet specific needs of the students and maintain a progressive curriculum.

At Unionville College, we offer an advanced and enriched curriculum that is effectively delivered through a low teacher-student ratio.