February 01, 2022

Casa Technology / Coding Programme Updates

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Creating a foundation in technology through digital citizenship, Coding and Robotics at an early age is a focus at UC. We are continually introducing new technology to keep students engaged.

Currently, the Graduates are using a new coding programme, Code.org (Course A) using algorithms. Coding and robotics helps children learn how to overcome difficult tasks and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Lessons are grouped into different sections – Digital Citizenship, Sequencing, and Loops. Graduates are also working with the Ozobot Bit robot. The robot moves by reading the colour code made by children using colourful markers on paper.

Second-year children have been engaged and have lots of fun learning coding by using Code Hopper. Code Hopper teaches children the concept of algorithms and uses Action Mats for sequencing and conditional (Yes/No) Mats to make a decision. In addition, a new coding programme, Ocean Odyssey, under Tynker Junior, has been introduced and is a great way to learn Block Coding. Using this programme, students learn basic coding by connecting picture blocks to move their characters. This is also a great app to learn sequencing patterns and build critical thinking skills.

On the computer, students are working on a new educational website called abcmouse.com. On the iPad, we are continually introducing new Montessori apps.

Jr. Casa students started 2022 with a new coding app called Tynker Junior! Tynker Junior is a fun and interactive app that will spark a kid’s interest in coding.

Students are learning to solve puzzles by placing the pieces in sequence and they are also getting introduced to very basic block coding. They are using these block commands to direct the character to move through a maze to collect treasure. By working on these activities students are learning sequencing, pattern recognition and critical thinking skills as they solve these puzzles that gradually increase in complexity.

Students will also use Code Hopper in the upcoming months. Code Hopper requires students to perform physical actions in sequencing, decision making and following commands just like a computer.

The Code Hopper mats link together to create a flowchart of simple actions like pointing in the air, touching your toes, jumping, waving your hands, etc. Code Hopper is a fun and challenging addition to our Technology Class!

Students are also using the desktop computer to learn how to use the traditional mouse and keyboard. On the computer, students are using education software to work on their mouse control skills (point, click, and drag) to learn about letters, numbers, solve puzzles, and draw pictures.

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