February 01, 2022

The Unique Attributes of Montessori Education

Montessori education importance

The Montessori method of education nurtures both academic as well as important practical life skills in children. Students’ creativity and curiosity are encouraged through the use of Montessori’s unique learning materials and hands-on lessons. Students are guided to ask questions, explore, investigate and think for themselves. Social graces, manners and interpersonal relationships are also developed through both group and individual interactions.

Montessori nurtures a lifelong love of learning through the development of independence, concentration, self-motivation, self-discipline, social skills and higher-level thinking skills

  • Specially designed classrooms with “hands-on” manipulative equipment and mixed-age groupings enable the child to work in a family setting, learning responsibility and respect from one another.
  • Montessori teachers are trained to meet the developmental needs of each child by personalizing the learning experience.
  • Positive reinforcement, support and encouragement take precedence. Children engage in meaningful conversations with classmates and adults while learning independence and self-direction.
  • A strong foundation of self-esteem is built as the child experiences the joy of learning and success through work.
  • A balance between freedom and responsibility encourages intrinsic motivation and interest in learning as well as focus and concentration.
  • Children develop essential skills for future life and success.

We appreciate you entrusting us to educate your children and we thank you for your support as we continually strive to develop the quality educational excellence your child receives and deserves at UC.

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